3.5 KVA Powermaster Inverter Generator (Petrol - QUIET- Ideal for Town Complexes)

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The 3.5 KVA Powermaster inverter generator with only a 60dB nise rating,  is ideal for Town complexes, apartment blocks , flats and small offices. Extremely fuel efficient (up to 6 hrs operation at half load at 1l/h).

Power up Fridge, TV, satellite decoder, lights and computer during loadshedding sessions. Take it on camping trips.

Technical support available country wide.





Frequency:    50 Hz    
Rated Output: 3 kW / 3000 W
Max. Output: 3.5 kW / 3500 W
 Rated AC Voltage:  230V
 Power Factor:  1
 DC Output:  12 V / 8.3 AMP
 Engine Type:  Forced Air Cooled, 4 Stroke OVH
 Displacement / CC:  149
 Continuous Operating Time:  3.1 Hours at 100% Load
 Continuous Operating Time:  6.6 Hours at 50% Load (Economy Mode)
 Oil Capacity:  0.9 L
 Technology:  100% Pure Sine Wave
 Noise Level:  58 DB at 100% Load
 Overload:  Computerised Overload Protection
 Low Oil / Tip Over Protection:  Yes
 Fuel Tank Capacity:  7 litre
 Economy Mode For Fuel Efficiency:  Yes
 Starting Mode:  Recoil
 Dimensions:  492x262x406 mm
 G.W:  41 kg
 Design:  Lightweight and Compact
 Warranty:   1 year/500 hrs


 Warranty is subject to owner complying with scheduled maintenance as per manufacturer specifications. (i.e. first 50 hours and thereafter every 100 hours)