Posted by henri pereira on 12th Dec 2015

If you’ve travelled on African roads throughout sub-saharan Africa, you will have noticed a thriving network of street-side fuel vendors. They will unashamedly erect neat displays of plastic jerry cans filled with diesel, for sale to any passer-by. In some cases they hang the jerry cans on trees, making it look like a Christmas tree.

All of this fuel of course, is stolen…or rather, sold by the truck drivers below market value, or traded for booze, food or sex.

In most places in Africa, stolen diesel is liquid gold. Criminal cartels are in total control, costing fleet owner millions of dollars annually.

When you take it that most long range trucks are equipped with up to four, 400-800 litre tanks, and taking into account the current cost of diesel, a 100-200 litre fuel loss per trip has a substantial negative bearing on the profitability of operations.

Fleet managers do try to implement anti-theft controls, by fitting special anti-siphon valves on fuel tanks or by implementing manual fuel monitoring lists that the driver has to fill in every time they fill up. Irrespective, all of these systems become irrelevant, as criminals always find innovative ways of getting around it.

The only way to properly monitor fuel theft is using real-time digital reporting solutions such as the GPSfind Fuel Monitor .

  • The GPSfind solution comprises the following:
  • GPS tracking unit with Input & Output ports for the fuel sensors, fitted with 3G data cellular data SIM card
  • Fuel Sensor (one per tank – up to 4 per truck) – Sensitivity 5~10 litres
  • Free Desktop monitoring Software


Fuel Level Sensor

The GPSfind monitoring software allows for real-time monitoring of the exact GPS location of all vehicles in your fleet. This is super-imposed on a map for easy viewing, which can be zoomed down to street level. It is also possible to switch to Google maps and utilize the Street View functionality (if it has been recorded by Google) and see the exact surroundings of where the fuel theft or loss occurred.

The software gives a graphical representation of the level in each fuel tank, with an indication on whether the vehicle is stationary or in motion, including the speed at which it is travelling. All fuel inputs and losses are illustrated on a graph, and SMS and Email alerts can be set to notify the fleet manager when a sudden drop in the fuel level is detected.

Daily trip reports are recorded, allowing for the fleet manager to see the snail-trail of the trip travelled and the speed of the vehicle at different points of the trip.

Other than the fuel monitoring capabilities of the software, it is also a useful tool for assessing irrational driving (i.e. excessive acceleration and breaking) and speed of the vehicle along the entire trip. This data can be used as evidence for disciplinary hearing of drivers in the event of accidents or traffic speeding fines.

The unit can be installed in a matter of hours by an approved installer, securing your fleet and profitability thereof.

The Gpsfind Fuel Monitor solution can also be used on static fuel bowsers where large amounts of fuel are stored, usually found on farms, mines and vehicle depots.

In addition, the GPSfind Fuel Monitor can also be used to monitor hourly fuel consumption on generators and yellow metal earth moving equipment and vehicles such as bulldozers, front-end loaders and the like.

Fleet managers that don’t implement a digital fuel monitoring solution only have themselves to blame.