Flashing LED Safety Vest

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0.50 KGS
R80 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This flashing 16-LED reflective vest is ideal for the following people:



  1. Bikers who commute at night
  2. Cyclists that train in early morning or late evenings
  3. Joggers
  4. Night Shift Construction workers
  5. Parking-Lot Security
  6. Traffic controllers



Every vehicle should also have one in the event that it breaks down or a wheel needs replacing in the middle of the night.


The vest has 8 Orange LED'S in the front and 8 in the back. The vest is a one size fits all, and can fit over thick clothing. Adjustments can be made using any of the three velcro tags. 


The LED's have 3 modes of operation, controlled by a switch in the front:


  • ON Permanently
  • Fast Flash
  • Slow Flash



LED's are powered by two AA penlight batteries (not included) which will give more than 20 hours of continuous operation.


The ideal gift for a loved one that needs to stay protected.